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Now a Major Motion Picture: Infrastructure

Mar 2, 2015   Infrastructure is finally receiving the attention it deserves from Hollywood, and not just as stuff that explodes in action movies. Click the image for the film preview, or watch the full video at the link below.

Full YouTube video


Florida Sinkhole House Passed Inspection

florida sinkhole

Mar 8, 2013   The owner received a notice in the mail in September from his insurance carrier offering sinkhole coverage. He decided to sign up for it — the first time he had ever done so. Two weeks later, an inspector visited his home, surveyed the property and said it was sinkhole-free, the owner said. He was awarded the sinkhole coverage. More details are in the article linked below.

Seffner home swallowed by sinkhole passed inspection


Caught Green-Handed

Know Your R Value - TriplePundit

Feb 4, 2013   Insulating paint with an R-value of 100? If a sustainable building product claim sounds too good to be true, perhaps it is. A recent article on the TriplePundit website reminds the buyer to beware.

Green Building Deception: Home Insulation Marketer Fined $350,000